Sensual Living

Thoughts Create Reality

A positive mind creates a positive life. Follow your instincts, and live by your senses.  Connect to your inner child's innocence, and experience everything as if new. 

Taste.  Touch.  Smell.  Feel.  Feel deeply.

Devour all of the beautiful parts of the world, and you'll become as beautiful as what you see.  Be aware of what you eat, what you watch, what you listen to.  It all becomes part of you.  What do you want to be?  How do you want to show up in the world?

You are what you eat, and what you think while you're eating.

Whatever you are thinking about while you ingest foods and drinks will become something you get to digest.  Be aware of that when you aren't feeling well, and work through the challenging thoughts before eating or drinking.

Be mindful and present while consuming, and appreciate what is in front of you, whether it's a naturally healthy treat, or a huge slice of delicious chocolate cake.  Your attitude about what you eat is just as important as the food itself. 

Here's a food slideshow you can devour with your eyes...  Warning, it is not gluten free, or vegan ;)

I feel that each person is unique and needs something different.  Aside from basic dietary differences, we all need different environments to thrive.  It's all valid.  Do what YOU need to do to feel great. Eat what you need to, and avoid what doesn't work for you.  Listen to your body, and feed it what it thrives on, but don't beat yourself up when you crave something that's purely recreational food...

A healthy body comes from healthy thoughts and deep appreciation for the body itself.

Our human bodies are amazing biological, organic machines.  Feed them with healthful nutritients and they will respond in kind.  Don't forget to indulge in what brings you joy, even if it's Cheez-Its and Muddy Buddies or a Hostess Cupcake...  Make it an exception and not a rule and thank your body for easily digesting it.  Feed your inner child... pancakes.  Seriously.  Remember to smile and feel the joy when you do.  You can even make gluten free banana pancakes if your adult body prefers that.

Take a moment to look at what's on your fork before you put it in your mouth.  The art of sensual eating brings you closer to the things you are ingesting.  Smell, taste, look, and appreciate every morsel of food and soon you'll find yourself slowing down enough to enjoy all of life.

Even better, eat without a fork, and combine flavors.  Try new things, and savor, savor, savor!!!

Practice mindful eating, breathing, walking, talking, and living.  Live gently.  Live innocently...

This page is dedicated to my dear friend Krishna, who showed me the art of sensual eating, and the ways of instinctive living. I miss you, dear one, and hear your laughter every day.  Thank you for sharing yourself, and your love of living with so many people while you were here.  Your playful nature touched so many lives, and your innocent, and inquisitive ways live on through us.  Your dream of The Instinctive Living Institute has certainly manifested in many places...