Light Tribe Earth

Take a deep breath. Feel the nature.

Nature is what is left when you walk away

from everything humans have created.

Freedom is what is left when you walk away from everything YOU have created to keep you from enjoying YOUR life.

I feel we are here to experience all the facets of life, and being human.  There are infinite paths to freedom, so why not take some steps toward it?

Spending time in nature resets your natural systems.  

Unplug.  Nobody needs you 24/7.  Let someone know where you're headed, or take a friend who can be quiet with you.

Find a place to explore, slowly.  Take it all in, breathe deeply.  

Notice your feet on the earth.  Notice the scents and sounds all around you.

Watch water flow over rocks...  Just... Be.

Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend. - Albert Camus

Nature Provides Quiet

A quiet house and a quiet forest or lake are completely different.

Where can you go, so you can actually hear YOUR thoughts, ideas, and intuition?

Can you actually be quiet?

Watch the Wildlife

Practice presence by sitting still outside somewhere and watching the wildlife.  Notice what they do, how they go about their day, how they communicate with each other.  Learn from it.

Take care of Yourself, and the Earth

Bring what you need to be safe and protected in nature.  Water, layered clothes, snacks...  Leave no trace.  Take only photos, leave only footprints.

Do your best to be quiet, and listen.

Find Your Discomfort Zone

What are you afraid of in the natural world?  Is it a rational fear?  Walk towards things you are uncertain about, learn about them, and release your fears.

Find the closest place away from it all

Arizona is an incredible state because it has so many climates.  You can be in the Sonoran desert, on a mountain in the pine forest, skiing, or by lakes and rivers.  What is the closest place to your home that you can feel like there are no people for miles?

The Salt River is home to a variety of Sonoran Desert wildlife, including horses, bobcat, coyote, roadrunner,  roadrunner, jackrabbit, eagle, heron, egret, river otter, mountain lion...  to name a few...

I enjoy sitting quietly by the water, listening and watching nature do what it does.  It's incredible how loud things are when you are quiet!

Find your spot in nature and get your bare feet on the dirt.  "Grounding" will literally recharge you.  At the river's edge, the soil is damp, and cool.  It's sort of amazing.

Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Light Tribe Earth Values

~ Light Tribe Earth believes personal power and integrity may be restored by addressing emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual blockages. 

~ We are here to create and hold space for the freedom of human beings, knowing that we can only change ourselves, and support each other in doing the same. 

~ We honor each other's gifts, in the highest integrity of cooperation and share tools from many traditions, ancient and newly discovered. 

~ We value all spiritual and religious beliefs as valid, and use the tools that work best for us as individuals. 

~ We strive to be the best we can, in each moment, sharing an Earth experience, in different places on our paths. In any moment, there is a teacher and a student for us. 

~ We are in service to the greatest good for all beings, always.

~ We participate respectfully, stepping into our full potential by discovering the gifts we have to share.