"The Bucket List"

a.k.a.  What are you afraid of?  Let's go do that.

You are here to live your life, so get up and let's go!

What do you want to experience next?  What have you always wanted to try?

I started an incredible journey in 2009.  Since then I've had a deep dive into who I am, explored and experienced, and learned all kinds of things.

As the Purveyor of Experiences, I am here to open opportunities for people to experience things they have ALWAYS WANTED TO!  So...   What's next for you?

Think about it, ponder these questions...  then let's talk.  I've got keys to doors.

Let's create your experience...

Make Some Noise

Sing? Drum? Karaoke?

Face Your Fears

Heights? Bugs? Water?

Learn a New Skill

Fencing? Glass Blowing?

Find Your Focus

Set Goals? Find Joy?

Create ME Time

Prioritize? Become Worthy?

Be Financially Free

Pay off Debt? Create Income?

Feel Amazing

Move Your Body?  Dance? Exercise the Right Way?

Reconnect to Nature

Explore? Hike? Sit?

Become Well Known

Discover Your Gifts That The World is Waiting For?

Be More Social

Get Out of Your Rut? Connect More?

Explore New Lands

Plan a Trip?  Work Exchange?

Unlock Your Potential

See What is Already There?

Focus Your Learning

Fine Tune Your Skills? Get Specific Training?

Share Your Skills

Volunteer? Teach?

Unlock Your Artist

Create? Get Messy?

Make New Friends

See Yourself in New Friends?  Find an Activity Partner?

Go Out and PLAY

Be Free?  Play Outside?